Which Colors Look Good on Black and White?

Ben Szabo on March 21, 2019

Imagine you have to find a color that looks good both on black and white. By "looking good" I mean conforming at least WCAG AA Contrast (Minimum)... [Read Full]
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There's a tool here which will show you contrast ratios of up to five colours at a time, along with Black and White: reallybigshoe.co.uk/visualiser/ind...

Full disclosure: it's my tool.


Hey Julian, this is a pretty handy tool! Thanks!


This is actually super useful if you're creating a style guide for a website, or adjusting a theme for an already existing framework. Nice work!


yep, I wanted to find some colors that work with both day and night modes!


Thanks so much for this post! I love that you walked through the calculations. It helped me check my own math. Also glad you included your codepen because I found a syntax error in my math 😅


Awesome to see how you calculate this using the standards. 🙌🏻


Wow, now I know that at least you read it through! Thanks! 🙂



But it's you who should be thanked (thank you 😃).

We need more of these "gut feeling" things to be defined SMART. It really helps starters and pro's to make their interfaces more readable and accessible.

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