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The Benefits of Salesforce Native Applications for The Growth of Businesses

If you are a Salesforce user, you must have heard the words, Salesforce native applications. Some are aware of the term, while other users and prospects still aren’t fully sure what makes an application a native app.

By native Salesforce application, it means that the app is entirely built inside of the Salesforce environment with the help of the Lightning platform rather than being built out of the environment and then having them integrated with the Salesforce platform.

With the Salesforce native app, there is no need for integration. Users can utilize the apps as it lives within the Salesforce environment.

Salesforce Native Mobile App Development

There are plenty of Salesforce consulting companies that can develop Salesforce native mobile apps. The team of expert developers builds an entirely Salesforce-centric application similar to the chatter that lives in Salesforce.

With the Salesforce native mobile app, all the data gets stored in the Salesforce environment. It will be easy for users to customize the data, automate it effectively. The native Salesforce app development enables users to get insightful reports of the data by using the same tools like dashboards, custom fields, workflows, etc.

Following are the factors that make Salesforce mobile app development services stand out-

  1. The apps are developed on the platform.
  2. The apps are coded 100% on Salesforce.
  3. Be it standard objects or custom objects, you can use it 100% without any glitch.
  4. There is no additional proprietary API.

The Benefits of Salesforce Native Applications

Salesforce is the world’s leading CRM platform that allows users to leverage its impeccable infrastructure support. Companies that invest in Salesforce app development can also enjoy the benefits of native applications, which are secure and scalable.

One of the most important benefits of Salesforce native app development is the high level of security that a business gets. There will be no need for businesses to handle various security policies & procedures as everything is built inside of the Salesforce environment.

Another thing that makes Salesforce native app development a boon for businesses is its data management process. The native apps store the data for you exclusively within Salesforce without having you worry about sending it to an external server.

Following are more advantages of Salesforce native applications for businesses –

Resilience & Customization

Salesforce apps are generally built on top of the Salesforce platform. It is because of this reason users get lots of flexibility to customize the application as the requirement of the organization. If, as a user, you want to add additional custom fields or workflow rules or the triggers in the native application then there is a straightforward approach to do the same, which goes through basic Salesforce configuration.

Another best thing about the native apps is their user experience, which highly resembles the interface of the Salesforce platform. Because of the high resemblance, users won’t feel any lack when it comes to learning navigation through the new app. There will be the same list views, labels, UI styles, labels, etc.

It becomes easy for businesses to successfully adopt new software within the organization because of the higher flexibility and customization features of Salesforce native app development.

Data Accuracy with Relevancy

The ecosystem of the Salesforce platform is very powerful. It empowers native Salesforce applications to always deliver 100% accurate & 100% up-to-date data.

The Salesforce native app development services mitigate the need to invest time & headspace to refresh the screen repetitively as it can handle mostly everything (task creation, call logging, notes taking, etc.) through the power of automation.

There will be perfect synchronization between the databases due to which they feed absolutely accurate data. The native Salesforce app ensures you up to the minute reporting free of all kinds of conflicts as well as outdated results.

High-end Security

One of the best parts of Salesforce mobile app development services is that it provides its users with the best class security. All the applications published on the AppExchange platform are rigorously tested as per the security standard of Salesforce and deliver assured security.

On the same hand, Salesforce native apps are the ones that are built within Salesforce, so there is no way that your security comes at stake in any way.

When it comes to security, Salesforce always follows some most sophisticated security measures that will maintain the integrity of the data.

It is because of its security measures that Salesforce is today featured as the world’s number one CRM with a largest user base.

Enhance Data Identity

Salesforce identity is an excellent way to access the Salesforce platform with a single and trusted login identity where managing apps, users, and sharing data becomes extremely simple and transparent.

In general, through Salesforce identity users get a secure identity record to access their Salesforce instance.
Salesforce native applications excellently leverage the advantage of Salesforce identity and offer hassle-free and secure sign-in options to the users.
Following are some of the amazing things that you can do with Salesforce native app development via Salesforce identity:

  1. You can keep directories in sync
  2. Share data easily & securely between Salesforce apps
  3. Get to know about the engagement
  4. Deploy the two-factor authentication with utmost ease
  5. Improve the overall productivity of the employees


Salesforce mobile app development is essential for businesses who are utilizing or working on the Salesforce platform. We hope this post would prove helpful to you in finalizing whether to go for Salesforce app development or not.

There are many Salesforce implementation and Salesforce integration service providers, you can hire a Salesforce consultant from them and resolve your queries as well.

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