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How to make dashboard for free in Google Sheets and Chart.js

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Dashboards are a convenient method for quickly present data. For data scientists and analysts, it’s the tool of choice for showing the results of their work to non-technical recipients. Of course, there are many services for making online dashboards with no or little code. Using ready-made solutions such as Tableau, Qlikview or Google Data Studio, quick production of decent looking charts and dashboards is not a problem.

However, most of them are too expensive. We also often encounter situations where the possibilities for adapting views to exceptional data are limited. On the other hand, tailored, self-hosted solutions cause other difficulties. You need hosting and you are unlikely to want to play with the administration of a large system just to collect and present the necessary data.

However, it is possible to serve web applications directly from Google Apps Script.

In this article, I show you how to create a simple dashboard using data from Google Sheet and Chart.js. First, we will set up templated HTML in Google Apps Script. Next, we will with Chart.js. Then, you will learn how to fetch data from Google Sheets (e.g. when updating information visible in the dashboard) and insert it into the template. Once you set up the dataflow, you can use it in many projects.

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