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Nevertheless, Flo Coded (furiously)

I continued to code in 2019 because...

I enjoy coding and I need to support myself but I will be honest... I questioned whether I should stay in this field more times than I can count. I considered law school, looked up the costs, and almost purchased an LSAT prep course but couldn't find my debit card.

I am tired. I am paying off my student loans. I am trying to get things done while ducking shit being thrown my way. At this point, I am pushing on every day until things get better.

I deserve credit for...

All the effort I put into staying afloat and dealing with the negativity I face. For sharing my thoughts and knowledge with the world even though I fear being harassed for doing so. For reading countless books on how to succeed in this industry because people in the position to do so refuse to share their knowledge with me. For sharing this with you even though I know someone will read this and think I'm just another stupid entitled bitch for expecting respect and acknowledgment for my contributions.

I hope to see my tech community...

Stop talking about being allies and do something. I need to see people with far more power than me stand up for me. Support me. Understand that women are undermined in every aspect every second of the day and we need more support to deal with all the shit that comes our way. Acknowledge that this isn't about pity- -- I contribute a lot to this industry and I am put down constantly. That is the problem.

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