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Discussion on: Au Revoir, Gentoo - Sell Me A New Linux Distro

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Florian Rand

Debian user since Potato (2000).

Debian is great, rock-solid, bloated-free and always feels snappy.

I always run stable and only upgrade every 2 or 3 years. I have my system configured in a way that I can install packages from testing/unstable and not worry about breaking anything, however, those few packages installed from testing/unstable don't have a lot of critical dependencies, like nvim, for example. (Be aware of creating a Frankendebian

Once you get used to not worry about updates (you get security updates and a few bug fixes), with a rock-solid system there is no coming back. I respect the rolling release bandwagon (in fact a very good friend is an Arch Linux zealot <3) but in my opinion, it's overrated. I use this workstation precisely for that, work, the last thing I want is more excuses for procrastination.

When I want to toy with another OS I have QEMU and an old laptop for that.

Be aware that this is boring asf, never breaks, as I said, sadly nothing to procrastinate with. You will find yourself suddenly with more time for your family and friends, even more productive at work, and that's unacceptable. So install Debian at your own risk.