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Hello, World!

Apparently my namesake Twitter account is celebrating a birthday today. So I thought I should do something special.

Yep - I have a brand new website to share my (re)learning journey with Flutter and Dart, starting with Flutter v2.2. I want to keep it simple and focused - here are the two main themes I will explore:

Development: Cross-Platform Apps

My earlier exploration of Flutter focused purely on mobile (Android/iOS) app development. My primary goal now is to revisit this in three contexts:

  • Language | Build proficiency in Dart programming.
  • Cross-Platform | Frontend experiences across mobile, web, desktop
  • Multi-Cloud | Backend service integrations and tooling.

Design: Multi-Screen & Foldable Devices

A secondary goal is to explore new user experiences enabled by foldable and multi-screen affordances. I see 3 areas for exploration:

  • Foldable Device, 1 screen: Design for occlusion.
  • Foldable Device, Dual screen: Design for spanning, side-by-side.
  • Multiple Devices: Multi-screen 'coordinated' experiences.

The former will focus on devices like the Microsoft Surface Duo, while the latter will explore ideas around 'companion' experiences for a ecosystem of smart things (e.g., TV, Auto, Wearables) within the Android ecosystem.

Join me.

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