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Leading up to (and during) the month of October, we want to help you discover open source projects to work on, and put your Hacktoberfest contributions to excellent use. Meet Rabia, Albert-Jan and Garry, working on the CLI tool for Microsoft 365 projects.

Check out this page regularly for more interviews with contributors & maintainers

Rabia is a Cloud Advocate at Microsoft, Albert-Jan is a Dutch MVP for Office apps and services, and Garry is a Microsoft MVP from the UK.

What can you tell us about your project?
Using the CLI for Microsoft 365 you can manage your M365 tenant, and SharePoint Framework projects.

What contributions are you welcoming?
We welcome many different types of contributions to the project - from fixing something in our documentation to updating a command or creating a whole new command. We have tons of Issues listed on our repo where you can go in and take a look. When you're new to the repository and have never contributed before, look out for the good-first-issue labelled Issues to get involved with.

What skills do people need to contribute?
Common sense, really. We have a couple of appropriate good-first-issue entries, documentation on the "minimal path to awesome", which is everything you'll need to get building. We manage everything in the open, so if you have any questions or feedback, you can raise an Issue, check the wiki for guidance, or start a Discussion on GitHub.

Whether you want to add a new command, update our Docs, or write sample scripts, we're here for all of it!

How do folks get started?
Set up your dev environment using the minimal path to awesome guide, and check the Contributing guidelines to get started

Check regularly for more interviews with contributors & maintainers, as well as online events to help you get involved in open source.

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