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Discussion on: Is Axios Isn't Trust Worthy Anymore 😒

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Forest Hoffman

Hi Azhar,

This comment, and post, is not constructive. Please review the community code of conduct before posting, in the future. Generally speaking, in the open source developer community it is a pretty big no-no to dump on an open source project on social media ( counts). It would be better to look at the project's repository (there should be a link on the package's NPM page). From there you can view existing issues that may shed light on what is going wrong.

One comment in this discussion indicates that there's some more debugging to be done, on your part. In the case that you've found a bug with that package, you should make an issue for it, and/or attempt to fix it! :)


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Azhar Author

I got point very clearly.
Thank you so much for correcting me. 🙏 ❤️