Quit my job—now a Product Maker full-time!

Ilona Codes on December 19, 2019

A while ago, I realized that working as a Software Engineer on the product that doesn’t belong to me, unfortunately, doesn’t drive and motivate me ... [Read Full]
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I took the leap a few years ago, here is what I found:

  1. Having a negative revenue startup is more terrifying than a boring full-time job.
  2. When you are desperate to monetize your product, it will not be the "perfect" product anymore.
  3. Reaching a self-sustainable stage is more important than finding investors.

The points above do not apply if:

  1. You have a wealthy family.
  2. Your startup has backed by reputable investors.
  3. Your product has sustainable revenue already.

All the best.


Totally agree! I found the same conclusions after my startup leap.


Last months every day I was coming to work, I asked myself

I've been asking myself the same thing for years.


So you need to change something! Try to find and understand what excites you the most, and then think and plan how you can make it a full-time thing 😉


That's not as simple as it sounds when you have bills to pay!

I know. It's a good idea to save some money and eventually when you have six months of runaway, and then start your journey.

That's also not easy, I spend more than I earn just treading water.


Congrats on having the bravery to take the leap! I just recently left an agency that I was working for to start up my own agency for a lot of the same reasons. Thank you for sharing it's nice to know there are others out there in the same boat.

I wish you all the best with your new adventure and hope it goes beyond what you dream!


Thanks a lot for your kind words! I wish you good luck and success as well in your upcoming journey! 🎉


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What formal certification did you took if any? (Product Owner)
What experience with management roles did you have?

"Ilona Codes" should now be "Ilona Makes".


I was wondering why you didn't post here for so long. Glad that you're making something that you enjoy. (Yes this comment is coming 2 days later than I planned but don't mind that please.)

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