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I expect user interfaces to be pushed towards stronger personalisation in 2018.

I expect user interfaces to be pushed towards stronger personalisation in 2018. More immersive, interactive and responsive interfaces for the user and the device, with an eye on efficiency and user experience.

Minimalism and card design will still rule both web and mobile UI, with an even greater increase in animations and broader use of gradients and vibrant colours. All of this topped off by the use of illustrations combined with the search for striking and appealing fonts with a strong comeback of bold and fancy fonts to replace more classic ones.

These are the many small steps towards a less visible UI design.

  1. Mobile = Desktop. Websites and web apps will be designed in a way to look and feel like mobile products. People got used to the mobile experience and they will never go back. The Touch Bar on MacBook Pro is a good example

  2. Designing UI for AI products that have never existed before will be a great new challenge for designers

  3. Accessibility — Say goodbye to long, complicated passwords, and welcome to verification codes

  4. Simplified UI — This will play a key role in 2018. Smaller and hidden navigations will become even more common.

  5. Engage faster — Chatbots will rise even further and more products will experiment with them

  6. Brands will invest more in custom illustrations and icons

UI trends are an even rockier terrain to navigate. We KNOW that a good UI is based on research, testing and slow, methodical improvements — not looking at a competitor’s site and saying “ooh, that’s pretty, I’ll steal that!”

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