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Francesca Ansell

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Button Project Updates

In my Webcomponents class I am making a button. My partner Jimmy and I decided to be unique we will be creating a circular button. So far the project is going okay. We continue to make small bursts of progress but I have yet to really make great strides with the project. I missed class last week because of the Fall Career Fair but I know that my partners used a CSS generator which helped us a lot. Last week was very chaotic for me but this week I will have lots of time to sit down and work on this button. Hopefully I will be able to find a laptop charger because I left mine in Pittsburgh. This week will be the final push to make sure all functionality is working and the styles are the way I want them.

This is what our reusable button looks like right now.

My goals for the project includes dynamic loading, checking all accessibility issues, and perfecting our CSS styles. Jimmy is working on getting disable to work right now.

You can find our button here

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