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Week 11 Blog Post

Time and money control everything in our lives. Have you ever thought about what you would do if neither where an issue? If I had the opportunity I would create an app to identify areas of need and direct supplies there. Now more than ever our healthcare industry is struggling to support the amount of people who need care, whether it be support with physical supplies or technologies to intake patient information. Often these 'supplies' are actually people like nurses. This application could help establish areas that need traveling nurses and connect potential employees there. In states of emergency hospitals could donate or sell extra equipment, ppe, etc. to hospitals in need. An application of this type would need multiple hospitals/facilities to adopt it for it to be useful. Or it could be used within networks of hospitals for example UPMC, or Allegany Health Network. I would not personally use this app but a company I work for in the future may use this app.

I have the programing skills, and knowledge of the healthcare industry to see this project through. I also have the user interface design, user experience, and software development life cycle skills. I know what areas of healthcare to target and the geographic areas that need the most attention, such as rural areas. I also have the leadership skills to identify what people, and resources are needed to make this app successful.

I believe that technology has the power to improve the healthcare industry if used correctly. The most glaring issue now seems to be lack of communication between hospitals and doctor due to competition. Hospital administration often cares more about making money and bringing in new patients than perfecting the outcomes of their existing patients. Although this is not always true the bottom line is that hospitals need to make money to keep there doors open at all.

I truly don't believe my life would drastically change if time and money where no issue. I would still want to be a UX/UI designer that works on the EHR system. Possibly I would pick a smaller, more patient oriented company that in the real world would offer less pay. If time where no issue I would be able to dedicate my life to my career and not have to worry about delegating my time for my family or friends.

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