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Build instagram with React, TypeScript and Firebase. Part: 1

The full code is available here . Disclaimer: The code may not the same that the showed in the article.


Yet Another Instagram Clone. This project is made with the purpose to teach you how to use React, Firebase, integrate with TypeScript and other cool tools that I discover around my learning journey.

Where can I start?

For this project you may start from this point, setup a project from scratch or use create-react-app and a project in firebase. That all you need.

Packages installation

The package required are:

  • dotenv
  • firebase
  • node-sass (if you prefer use another thing to style, feel free to use)


I suppose that you know at least the basics of React and JavaScript. TypeScript is only JavaScript with types, but you can use raw JavaScript if you feel more comfortable. Only ignore the types and interfaces parts.

Let's start to code

Create a .env file at the client folder and fill with your own values provides by firebase


All properties must start with REACT_APP_ in order to work for create react app.

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