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How to create a discount for groups of customers on Prestashop

It's very easy to create a customer group discount on Prestashop. For example, you want to set a discount for those users that are registered on your site. By default, you can do it easily. But how to create and apply a limited-time offer for groups of customers?

Actually, this ecommerce platform enables you to give your customers certain privileges, by assigning them to groups. You can create as many customer groups as needed, and assign a customer to as many groups as you like.

But your customers need a limited time offer, not a non-stop discount!. That's why we need to change something to fit our goals on this Prestashop tutorial.

Why you should offer discounts

Customers are inherently drawn towards items on sale. Given two products that are practically similar in terms of features, consumers would almost always choose the item that costs less. This business strategy as a short term and occasional tactic to boost sales can do more good than harm to small businesses.

There are 5 reasons why a ecommerce owner should not be afraid of offering discounts:

Increased traffic - Offering discounts for a limited time will attract customers into your store and most likely draw them into buying these items right away.
Increased sales - More traffic usually comes with increased sales. Customers are likely to walk around your store and see other items that may not be discounted but are willing to buy those because they have already saved on other items on sale.

Sales targets are met - Given the seasonal fluctuations in consumer buying behavior, you can curb lean seasons by offering discounts. This way, you are able to meet your goals within every period regardless of your forecasts show.
Stronger client relationships - Giving your customers great value for good quality products can greatly improve their loyalty to your store.
Monetized Inventory - Discounting items allows you to dispose of old inventory and even items that you don’t plan on selling anymore.

Limited-Time Offers

Don't call yourself a small business owner. When call someone a small business owner you're immediately saying, “Wow, he's a boy". You have your dream and you know that limited-time offers are a powerful marketing tool.

Consumers have a burning desire to jump on the exclusivity bandwagon and get their hands on something special before they miss out. Offer limited-time discount promotions on your Prestashop sites is a good idea.

Create and apply a discout for groups of customers on limited-time

First, you need to install Prestashop Discount Rules module

Then, visit Prestashop Discount Rules -> Manage Discount Rules -> New Discount Rule on the left of Admin panel.

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