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Front-End Web Development with React #CompleteRoadMap

Better you Practice Better you React to it

The goal of this chapter is to provide you with an understanding of the Frontend Development that focuses on the React ecosystem and to assist you in guiding your study if you are puzzled. 

What is ReactJs?

ReactJs is an open-source JavaScript package used to create user interfaces for single-page apps.

Is React a Library or a Framework?

Before jumping to concluusion lets know about

  1. Library:- A library is a set of methods that enable us to easily construct web apps. So, when you use a library to develop web apps, your code is in charge and just calls on the library's methods to achieve some recurring common action.
  2. Framework:- A framework is a specific implementation of a web application in which the framework offers general functionality and your code fills in the specifics to modify that framework for the unique application functionality that you wish to implement.

Finally coming back to question ,React is a JavaScript library for building user interfaces.

Why React?

Declarative :

React makes it simple to design interactive user interfaces. Create basic views for each state of your application, and React will update and render only the necessary components when your data changes. Declarative views improve the predictability and debugability of your code.


Create enclosed components that handle their own state, then combine them to create complicated user interfaces. Because component logic is implemented in JavaScript rather than templates, it is simple to transfer rich data around your app while keeping state out of the DOM.

Learn Once, Write Anywhere

React may also be used to render on the server with Node and to power mobile apps with React Native. React allows you to create new features without having to rewrite current code.

Mind Map for React till Framework Selection
Image description

4 weeks React Topics:

Week Topic
Week 1 Introduction to React
Week 2 React Router and Single Page Applications
Week 3 React Forms, Flow Architecture and Introduction to Redux
Week 4 More Redux and Client-Server Communication

Detailed Weekwise Topics to be covered

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Whatever library or framework you choose to study for web development, you must first master the fundamentals of the web, which include HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

There are a lot of common skills that you will need to master in order to become a developer, including:

🐱‍💻GIT (Version Control System)
🐱‍💻HTTP/HTTPS Protocol
🐱‍💻Terminal Usage
🐱‍💻Data Structures & Algorithm
🐱‍💻Design Patterns

Knowledge You Need Have To Become a React Developer

🐱‍🏍Build tools are software or programmes that automate the creation of executable applications from source code. It converts code into an executable format by linking, compiling, and packaging it.

🐱‍🏍A system's state is its representation at a specific point in time. It refers to the data in the programme that is saved as an array, objects, or strings.

🐱‍🏍Routing is the method of selecting a path for traffic across networks.

🐱‍🏍API clients provide an interface for different applications to communicate with each other when a request is made.

🐱‍🏍It's crucial to understand how to integrate backend frameworks with frontend frameworks so that they can operate together.

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