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10 Best Free Advertising Sites For Business Owners In 2021

In the year 2021, business owners are looking for new technology and medium to get more customers. Due to the pandemic, whether it is a small business or MNC, everyone is suffering a lot. Small business or big firm has got lower production and low income, which directly affect their income and expenditure account.

Business owners, through adopting several measures, are trying to control their expenditure and increasing their mass of customers.
Advertisement is one of these measures. By using some tools and websites, a business owner can not only reduce their cost on advertisement but also get in touch with more people in less time. On the internet, several websites are available on which a business owner can post their advertisement without paying any single penny.

Although on the internet thousand of websites are present, but they may not give you the equal or desired result. So, according to the data and result, these below-mentioned websites are best for free advertisement.

Best Free Advertisement Websites For Business Owners In 2021

1. Google My Business

Google My Business is an online manual that keeps business owners close to their customers. Besides, posting free advertisement, it is also easy to handle its operation. A business owner just has to type the URL of its professional website and some relevant information related to their business to start their advertisement.

Google My Business will list the product or services in their search bar according to the information the business owner have given. So, the owner’s website will be seen whenever somebody looks for the product and services.

To provide a good reach to the owners, Google My Business offers several medium to the customers such as calling, texting, comment section and reviews, so that, they can contact the owners very easily. It also helps the businesses to know what the customers feel about their product or services.

2. Fabilive

This 2020 launched platform is very famous among the Cameron. It is one of the best free advertisement website where from making the account to selling and purchasing are done very conveniently It is 100% free as no charges involves in any step. Fabilive has numerous category as per the demand such as phones and tablets, Electronics, Furniture and Appliances, Animal and Pets, Real Estate, Beauty, Jobs, services, Learning, Automobile, Agriculture, fashion etc.,

You just have to create business pages or listings on the website for advertising for free. To post the advertisement on fabilive a business owner just need to make an account and put the active Cameroon telephone number for the registration process.

Daily millions of people visiting fabilive which directly benefits the growth of the clients of Fabilive. It creates hyperlink which leads the customers directly to the official page of the company.

3. Hoobly

Hoobly is one of the safest sites to use as it follows strict security measures. It minimises the risk of criminal activities and fake dealings. It is best for those who are new in the business and want the free advertisement to tell about their products or services.

To start working with Hoobly, the owners first need to create an account on the website and complete the process with email verification. These steps help to maintain the owner's privacy and security.

Hoobly is famous in 30 countries but out of all the countries it has a great name in the United States. Hoobly offered many categories, such as art, clothing, jewellery, pet, real estate, and vehicles.

4. eBay

eBay is one of the best free advertising sites for business owners. It has around 30 international sites, which provide a good reach to the business owner. It has made a mark in the field of advertisement in around 100 countries.

Because of its great work and efficiency, it has gained a good SEO ranking and also higher visibility in the search result compare to other websites.

If a business owner wants to expand their business to the International border then eBay will prove a good network for them.

5. Craigslist

Craigslist is one of the topmost search sites for free advertisement. It offers many multiple categories, such as jobs, housing, services, events, community, and merchandises.

It has a good ranking which makes it the first choice for free ads posting. It has nearly millions of daily visits, as per their needs, which helps the owners to get more audience for viewing your product.

The major drawback of craigslist is that some system of it is not updated which may seem not good for the business, but still, it is one of the popular and useful sites in the field of advertisement.

6. OLX

OLX is one of the famous and best platforms to post a free advertisement for business owners. It covered more than 30 countries and has access to more than 20 brands. According to the surveys, it is also seen that nearly 300 million people visit the OLX website every month to sell and purchase the product.

It provides a particular category related to the product or services such as cars, jobs, housing, pets, online trade, events, accessories, and merchandise, which opens more opportunities and option to post the different ads for different products or services.

It is convenient to use as business owners can not only create their ads but can also add video and pictures to make their advertisement appealing to the customers.

7. ClassifiedAds

In the field of advertisement, Classified Ads is one of the tops and best free website. It's a 100% free website as it has no charges involves in any case. It provides a lot of category for the product or services. It is also very simple to use and has a well-defined structure. The advertisement posted on this website has great visibility and a good result according to the reports.
The main plus point of the classified ads is that they regularly monitor and filter the matter's update on its website, so that none of the advertisement goes into spam.

8. Locanto

Locanto is updated with new features necessary for advertisement and helps to give proper knowledge to the customers about the products /services provided by the business owner. It is a free advertisement website with the timing of 60 days given to the one advertisement.

By adding video, pictures about your product, you can create a better result for selling the products.

Its hypertext feature works as a medium to directly visit your website by clicking the button. Through Locanto a business owner can also manage traffic on its ads.

9. Adpost

Adpost is another free advertising website. It has a big network which also covered International customers. It expands your coverage and gives you the desired result by reducing the gap between you and your customers.

Admost got 30 million views a month which is quite a great scale and not easy to meet on one platform.

By posting your advertisement on Adpost, you just not save your promotion budget but will be able to improve your listing, as chances are very high people will see you.

To provide enormous benefits, adpost offers a free pricing model to their clients such as
• basic classified ads stayed for 30 days
• Free ad renewal time is up to 90 days
• With 100 photos and 1 video you can make your ad more eye-catching.

10. Oodle

Oodle is a great medium in order to post your advertisement as it creates wider coverage by connecting the existing account on the website to other social media platforms such as eBay,, newspapers, and more.

Oodle is not limited to only these networks, it is also related to Facebook’s original Marketplace and Advertigo, through which your product listing and chances to see the ads increases.

The main categories provided by the site are moving and storage, landscaping, maintenance work, pet sitting and grooming service etc.

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