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Easily Answer 5 Top Tech Interview Questions

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What's this?

A template for answering 5 typical tech interview questions easily without either cramming or stumbling.

NOTE: This is a personal project built with Vue.js. The project is purely for fun and not meant as being serious.

Try it here: interview.redonion.se


There sometimes seems to be a gap in between skills that are vetted in the job interview process, and the skills that are actually needed to manage the job advertised.

I'm simply having a little bit of fun with a few of the typical (sometimes not very effective) job interview questions that people in the tech industry have come across.


This is a Single Page Application (SPA), where the user stays on a page that dynamically reloads its content.

Transition animations add to the native app like look and feel.

Wikipedia’s open API, some advanced mathematics, and a few lesser known HTML elements work together to form the main features of this little tool.

For more information about the technology used when building this app, have a look at “Vue.js – Building an Interview App”.

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