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Ferhat Suat Erdoğan
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Elixir + RTMP

Elixir is a widely used language for real time systems. For example, Discord uses Elixir. However, there is a point that should not be confused. The current topic is RTMP (Real-Time Messaging Protocol) and I will try to explain streaming video and audio with Elixir in this topic.

Why Elixir?

Elixir is a young, dynamic language based on flexibility. Therefore, it is used and preferred in real time systems. So it would be good to choose Elixir for RTMP as well.

I have a framework related to streaming: Membrane Framework As they say, Membrane is an easy to use abstraction layer for assembling mostly server-side applications which consume, produce or process multimedia streams. It is written in Elixir + C with Erlang VM underneath that gives us a rock solid and battle-tested foundation. It is also the first multimedia framework that puts as priority reliability and concurrency. It does not mean that we don’t care about performance, low latency or efficient memory use, but if we have to make a tradeoff, it is going to be made in favor of reliability and scalability.

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