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Discussion on: How I made a web scraper because LinkedIn

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Ricardo A. Mercado Author

1) Can't be too specific, but is for data analytics purposes. Why wouldn't they want them to be exported if I could get them by going to each connection one by one manually? The scraper basically automates that tedious process. I mean, connections agreed to share certain info, and email is just one of that information (they could even set it so the email is not shown).

2) I completely understand your point and I agree completely. I did break the agreement unknowingly (until you pointed it out), but there was no malicious intent. I only automatized a process I am allowed to do manually. I find that if you write some code to automatize a process you can achieve manually, then there shouldn't be no restriction to it. It's like a post I read yesterday, a person had 400 unread messages and couldn't select them all to mark them as read, so he just opened the dev tools and wrote a simple code to loop through all the messages and click them. My response "I guess they'll have to suspend/ban me." is based on that what is done is done.

Maybe adding "For educational purposes" changes the whole context of what is written?

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Ermir Beqiraj

Lol.. "For educational purposes" & "Don't try this at home, especially in the kitchen"