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Codewar Day2

i rest some day because i got busy with ied adha, now i try solve a litle problem
the question :
Trolls are attacking your comment section!

A common way to deal with this situation is to remove all of the vowels from the trolls' comments, neutralizing the threat.

Your task is to write a function that takes a string and return a new string with all vowels removed.

For example, the string "This website is for losers LOL!" would become "Ths wbst s fr lsrs LL!".

Note: for this kata y isn't considered a vowel._

my solving :

const disemvowel = data => {
  let regex = /[aiueoAIUEO]/g;
  return data.replace(regex, "");
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the popular solving

disemvowel = str => str.replace(/[aeiou]/gi,'');
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