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My first codewar solved

the Question :
You are going to be given a word. Your job is to return the middle character of the word. If the word's length is odd, return the middle character. If the word's length is even, return the middle 2 characters.


Kata.getMiddle("test") should return "es"

Kata.getMiddle("testing") should return "t"

Kata.getMiddle("middle") should return "dd"

Kata.getMiddle("A") should return "A"


A word (string) of length 0 < str < 1000 (In javascript you may get slightly more than 1000 in some test cases due to an error in the test cases). You do not need to test for this. This is only here to tell you that you do not need to worry about your solution timing out.


The middle character(s) of the word represented as a string.

my solving :
function getMiddle(s) {
var length = s.length;
var middle = length / 2;
let floor = Math.floor(middle);
const middleNumber = Number(middle);
const floorNumber = Number(floor);
const mathNumber = middleNumber - floorNumber;
if (mathNumber > 0) {
let finalMiddle = s[floorNumber];
return finalMiddle;
} else {
let finalMiddle1 = s[floorNumber - 1];
let finalMiddle2 = s[floorNumber];
return finalMiddle1 + finalMiddle2;

ofcourse i know my solving is not to the point but im really happy to solve this

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