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Glaciary.JS - The best, secure, and fast way to build your next API


The Rest API framework based on Express.JS and Socket.IO

Get Started

Make sure you have npx installed (npx is shipped by default since npm 5.2.0)

npx create-glaciary-app <my-project>

Or starting with npm v6.1 you can do:

npm init glaciary-app <my-project>

Or with yarn:

yarn create glaciary-app <my-project>


Features 🔥

  • A simple way to setup a new route or event
  • Configurable with a config.glaciary.js file
  • Configurable default HTTP route with defaults.glaciary.js
  • Configurable default Socket.IO Event with defaults.glaciary.js
  • Easy to setup SSL Certificate with defaults.glaciary.js (still testing)
  • Simple Debug system

Incoming Features 😏

  • Plugins
  • Global Store Array
  • Local SQLITE3 database

If you want to contribute with any idea, you're welcome to share it with us 😄

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