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Discussion on: How do you feel about changing naming terms?

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Gaëtan Masson • Edited on

I’m glad to have simple thought and not overthink things to the point to find hate, oppression or whatever everywhere (like those people I call « cancer ») which result in waste of time and energy for everyone.

The very fact is that your « superior thought » forget one crucial parameter: context matter. Here it’s about programming. Neutral field with neutral words chosen to illustrate concepts. Nothing more.

If someone finds master/slave offensive, especially in this context, he is the one who needs to be fixed, not the code.

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Dean Bassett

What about how it's inaccurate? You kinda completely ignored that part

Primary/replica is a much more accurate term than master/slave. To be honest, I don't think master/slave is insensitive either. But primary/replica is much more accurate as to what is really going on.

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Gaëtan Masson

I totally agree with you from this perspective; chaging a word for a better meaning is great.

I’m just pointing people who commands to change words just because they find it offensive.