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Discussion on: What, in your opinion, is a perfect video game?

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Gaffen • Edited on

Grim Fandango is probably the closest to my heart.

Undertale I think is also a masterpiece, same goes for Alien: Isolation.

The Monkey Island games are also very special to me, as is Psychonauts!

Half-Life was pretty life changing for me too when it came out. Silent Hill 2 as well.

I also love the feeling of satisfaction when you complete Return of the Obra Dinn.

I thought Red Dead Redemption was stunning

Phoenix Wright is also a series of expertly told stories.

I'm trying to think of other games that I just keep coming back to; I know there are more...

For me I love games as a storytelling medium. Anything that plays with narrative really appeals to me.

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Oh and I'm currently finishing of the Mother series for the first time! I'd played Earthbound years ago but it's my first time playing the entire trilogy. They're a real gem in terms of retro games :D

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