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Joe L. Wroten
Joe L. Wroten

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Non-Ember Things in Ember

The Ember community is great and full of great ember-cli friendly addons to add to your project. Using Redux? Check out ember-redux. Need FastClick? Check out... well, actually your best bet is ember-hammertime but you get the point.

But sometimes you just need to incorporate something that isn't Ember ready. Today that's easier than ever!

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In this example we'll be adding url-polyfill to our Ember app. I know ember-url is out there but it lacks some of the functionality url-polyfill offers.

  1. yarn add url-polyfill or npm install --save url-polyfill
  2. In your ember-cli-build.js within the module.exports = function() { add the following...
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You're done!

For bonus points, you can even configure which import you use based on the environment...

  development: 'PATH/file.js',
  production: 'PATH/file.min.js',
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This also works with css files to bring in your favorite CSS framework, animation library or other tool. If you're still using bower, simply point your import path to bower_components/DEPENDENCY/FILE.EXT.

But, wait, I have some setup I need to do!

That's cool too! An initializer is likely what you'll want.

ember generate initializer myInitializer
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Then within there you can run any initialization code your heart desires and it'll run at app load.

Want to go further?

Make an ember-addon for your favorite tool and publish it on npm! The community would appreciate it and love the easy of an ember install.

Go make great things. Or... combine great things into an even greater thing!

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