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James Moberg
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CFDump ShowUDFs Behavior

I was writing some unit tests to identify the output of CFDump under different conditions and discovered that Adobe and Lucee treat the showUDFs parameter differently. I also use 3rdparty CF_Dump since it provides consistent behavior between CFML platforms. Since I've written my own internal Dumplite CFTag/CFC, I wanted to evaluate how it was already being supported before I updated how it worked.


  • Hides struct keys
  • Shows array elements with UDF (is this a bug?)


  • Displays struct value as <UDF>
  • Displays array element as <UDF>


  • Displays struct key with empty value
  • Displays array element with empty value
function myUDF(){return now();}

test = [
    a: [1, myUDF, 3]
    ,b: myUDF

writeDump(var=test, showUDFs=false, label="showUDFs=false");
writeDump(var=test, showUDFs=true, label="showUDFs=true");

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