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Generating Color Palette Using ColdFusion & ImageMagick

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I read Ben Nadel's recent ColdFusion post on Exploring Color Histograms In GraphicsMagick And Lucee CFML and thought I'd compare it with ImageMagick.

ImageMagick returns a list of color data in a low-to-high order. I used ReMatch to identify the hex colors via regex, generated an array and then reversed it.

NOTE: I wanted to compare performance using Ben's script, but his "Lucee CFML" script wasn't written to be compatible with ColdFusion 2016. :(


colors = extractPalette(imagePath, numberOfColors);

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I came across some similar things in various ImageMagick forums when I was looking into this. I wonder if the -define histogram:unique-colors=true is part of why I am not getting results that I love. GraphicsMagick doesn't seem to have an equivalent setting.

On various color palette posts, I did see that some people were calculating the "distance" between colors to help figure out a palette. But, I am not so good at maths ... or understanding color theory :D Part of me is like, let me just show the top 30 colors and let the user pick out whatever they like.

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