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Portfolio website for #dohackathon

What I built

This is my First portfolio website which i have built and deployed using digital Ocean platform, i really enjoyed using the platform with beautiful UI and it clearly guided me in deploying projects in simple steps.

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Personal Site/Portfolio

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This is simple portfolio website build using HTML,CSS,Javascript which containes all the information about my acheivements and academic performances.

Link to Source Code

Permissive License

MIT License


I have been recently started learning HTML,CSS and Javascript and its the basic instinct of any web developer who tries to apply his knowledge and showcase their skills by building a proper portfolio which clearly represents the person's skills. so at the correct time this hackathon gave me a proper reason and became a platform to showcase my skills to the world.

How I built it

Even though my project is a static site, when i started exploring the digital Ocean console i have seen a lot of options which mae me more curious to learn about those technologies and see the technologies in action, so i started learning Django as a backend and created a small fun api and even deployed it in Digital Ocean. The whole console is beautifully built and helps in making things simple and clean.

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E.R. Nurwijayadi • Edited

You can utilize static site generator as well with github or gitlab.

I deploy my blog to bitbucket.