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Top 10 Jobs with AWS Certification

To be able to showcase your talents and skills to the recruiters amongst a huge number of competitors, obtaining globally acknowledged certification is the correct option. Moreover, each IT expert requires to know more regarding the constantly evolving technology in the world. Besides, individuals with cloud computing can pursue AWS certifications to expand their profession further and faster. This certification also showcases the skills and knowledge of individuals to build, design, and manage the access system on the AWS domain.
In addition, the job options that one can get after obtaining the AWS certification is vast. Some of the top AWS certifications are as follows:
1.Cloud Architect

The experts are in charge of the communication and negotiations with the vendors for software, hardware, and several other cloud technologies contracts. This field is constantly undergoing changes and thus, needs an individual that is up-to-date with the current technologies and trends.

The median salary of a cloud architect is around $100 240 per year.

2.Cloud Software Engineer

Cloud software engineers are expected to have proficiency in numerous programming languages. They must have a clear idea of how to use these efficiently along with designing software on the AWS domain.

Moreover, they are responsible for managing the growth of any software based on the cloud and also to guarantee their efficient working.

The cloud software engineers have an earning capacity of around $120,613 each year.

3.SysOps Administrator

The mixture of two different words, i.e., system and operation, are known as SysOps. It refers to the cloud software operation. These experts are in charge of managing the whole cloud system lifecycle in a company.

The median salary of a SysOp administrator is around $130,612 each year.

4.DevOps Engineer

The responsibility of a DevOps engineer is to allow the delivery of system application quicker or collaborating with several other IT experts for code release in an industry. IT experts can include developers, system operators, testers, and so on.

The earning potential of a DevOps engineer is around $137,000 each year.

Cloud Developer
The responsibility of a cloud developer is to build, design, and develop solutions, services, and products in a company. The applications like web apps, data and application integration, and so on can be created and developed by a cloud developer.

The median income of cloud developers is around $127,037 in a year.

5.Networking Expert

Cloud computing needs prominent networking, which requires an expert in the field of Networking to keep it running and maintain its functioning. As a networking expert, you require to do work such as network analysis, performance check, maintenance of security, problems related to projects, and regular testing for troubleshooting the problems for avoiding the loss of time. The installation of various networking tools such as firewalls, routers, hubs, switches is also the responsibility of a networking expert.

A certified AWS specialist in networking earns around $52,100 each year.

6.Cloud Security Specialist

Security is one of the biggest issues in every industry. The demand for a specialist in cloud security is huge. Since the cloud is one of the emerging technologies and specialists for its security are needed to maintain the infrastructure for the cloud platform. They are needed to set up network security, administer data security for implementing the standards.

A cloud security specialist earns around $73,499 each year.

7.AWS System Integrator

Various companies all over the work make use of the AWS system. These systems include different services such as storage of data, management of infrastructure, communications, networking, etc. Therefore, the need for such experts arises for troubleshooting these problems related to any of the systems, including their maintenance and deployment.

A certified AWS System integrator earns around $69,999 per year.

8.Machine Learning Expert

Having knowledge of development as well as data science job roles, one can acquire the AWS certification for Machine learning easily. This certification increases your abilities and also gives you the extra skill sets that help you to get a hike in your current salary. The main work of these experts is to implement, maintain, and design the machine learning tasks as well as apps in the company.

Based on the job role, a certified AWS expert in ML can earn between $37,999 to $139,599 in a year.

9.Big Data Expert

Data is one of the main necessities of the world. The abundance of data that is being processed in a day is growing. Thus, big data emerged in the world, and normally, an expert on data handling deals with big data. Thus, choosing AWS certification for big data can help you increase your chances to gain this job. The main role of a big data expert is to organize, collect, analyze, and process the data information for creating meaningful insights as well as results for the business.

The median income of a big data expert is $108,499.

Since the demand for AWS is constantly increasing in the world, there are higher job options emerging for people in this field. So, if you are able to acquire the AWS certification, you can attain any of the above-mentioned jobs and increase your earning capacity.

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