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Every Developer Should Start Journalism

In this article, I will tell you why every developer should start journalism. This article may not be for everyone and this is only my advice.

What is Journalism

So Journalism is collecting the collection and editing of news for presentation through the media or in rather simpler words Journalism is collecting information and presenting it through a media.

For a developer, Journalism is not collecting news related information and noting it down but for a developer, Journalism can be just writing down what you have struggled in coding or learning a language or even the errors you have faced during creating applications, website,s or even some small programs and etc.

Why Journalism

Let's say you are making a website but you are stuck on an error and you spent some minutes, hours, days depending upon the error and the developer's skill and after a month or two and now you are working on a new project and you are facing the same error and you cannot remember the code you wrote last time or the algorithm you wrote last time, now what would you do you will have to look through the whole code search through all the code you wrote last resulting in wasted productive hours. Now let's say that you wrote the errors and what you did on that day to solve that problem in a diary or on a personal notetaking device. You could just look up that diary and just get the written code to that error faster. In a nutshell Journalism can help you save productive hours. It would just take like 15-20 mins to write that error or sometimes even less.

So Thank You For Reading Throgh the whole article.

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faridzif profile image

Cool, that is one approach, but the real challenges is we all know that we should write/documented our works (algorithm, error solving, function, bugs, etc) somewhere however we're struggle to make it presentable even to our future self. That's my opinion

garvitmotwani profile image
Garvit Motwani

That is amazing!!