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Crypto App built with ReactJS, Tailwind and Firebase

So today I finished my solo project Crypto app!

Here is live website deployed on firebase:


What functionality does it offer?

  • Functional Register/Login page using Firebase database.
  • Website shows most popular crypto currencies and trending currencies via Coingecko API.
  • As mentioned above website using Coingecko API.
  • User can select certain coins and add them to their watchlist.
  • Each coin has designated page with informations/prices/changes.
  • Dark Mode / Light Mode.

Technologies used

  • ReactJS
  • Tailwind
  • Firebase/Firestore
  • Axios (for API)
  • HTML
  • CSS


Screenshot of website

Image description

Additional info

  • Website is fully responsive (using Tailwind).
  • Mobile website using hamburger menu. (Fully working)

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