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My First ever coding experience

Sometimes in October 2011, I was privileged to commence my university education at Bowen University
I had just been out of secondary school and tried gaining admission into one of the federal schools but eventually did not work out.

I naively gained admission into the department of computer science not knowing what was actually done there but because I thought I could do some funny things with my mobile phone then like ( browse, download, and then some funny tech support that seemed amazing to my parents and friends ).

My first day in the computer lab (lectures had already begun when I resumed), we were given the challenge to write a code that finds the nth term of an arithmetic series.

I never knew anything about programming, but from the lady, I was paired with, I was able to pick up some few things like how printing on screen, assigning values to a variable and performing calculation was done.

With this quick knowledge, I hurriedly wrote the formula to calculate the A.P of a number on paper (my brain was super hot in mathematics)

Tn = a1 + (n β€” 1)d

[ Where a1 is the first term, d is the common difference and n is the number of terms in the series]

and after, I translated it to the equivalent QBASIC code and my code worked.

That was how the love of programming was ignited in my heart.

I look back at that moment and I cherish it so much.

And Yes, my first programming language was QBasic :)

Can you share how you got introduced to programming ?

P.S This post was originally posted by me on Medium

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