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Wire frame Tools

To share some open source / free tools for college students.

Lucid Chart — Diagramming made simple. ER Diagram, Flow Charts, Network Diagram… all in one place. Simple and elegant way to complete your work. Get LucidChart

Axure : Excellent tool for wire frames. Web / Mobile / Client they have templates for all. You can export your design to HTML in snap. Very good tool for prototyping and interactive demonstration. Semester project or assignment, whats in your mind can be translated to screen designs with this simple wire frame tool. With your college id you get it free. Get Axure

Figma : Free & Paid. Great tool not only for Students but also for Professionals. Get Figma

WebFlow : Its not just a wireframing tool. Does way more than that. Watch the quick video, it will convince you.

Mydraft : My fav quick goto tool. Free, very very simple, sleek and very very easy to share. goto mydraft

Pencil : Firefox add-on, Open Source. Create mock-ups on your desktop anywhere. Get Pencil

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