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GetAdvice - One-on-One calls with devs/entrepreneurs

I've started a new community project a few weeks ago:

I'm looking for volunteers that would like to join and contribute with the community.

I'm more than happy to answer any questions.

Here's a little description of the project:

TLDR; Free consultancy sessions

The site connects people willing to freely advice others struggling with tech or product issues.

Volunteers are people willing to help by providing free advice. You can join as a volunteer if you would like to help others in your area of expertise.

Users can freely choose an advisor according to their interests. To become an advisor, you need to provide a summary of your areas of expertise and your current professional references (LinkedIn, Blog, Twitter).

Use cases

  • Thinking about creating a new app but need some advice on software architecture, tech stack, deployments, etc.
  • Learning new technology and having problems understanding something.
  • Don't know how to solve a problem with your current app.
  • Need feedback about your UX/UI.
  • Need feedback to validate an idea.
  • Studying for certification and need some guidance/advice.
  • Thinking about switching to the tech world and have some questions.

How does it work?

Search through the list of people by looking at their skills and knowledge to find someone that matches your needs. You can look at their Blog, LinkedIn profiles, or Twitter to find out more about her/him.
It's important to pay attention to their location and languages to make sure your timezones or languages won't be a problem.
Once you find the right candidate, schedule a call with her/him. All candidates publish their calendars with possibles dates and times when they are available. After that, she/he will confirm the appointment and sent you a link to a videoconference platform to have the call.

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