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Discussion on: My code review checklist

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Jenn Author

The Pull Request message and the requirements from the customer or business analyst can and sometimes do differ.

People forget to document clarifying questions, branches drift from the requirements (aka "I'll just fix this while I'm here"), and before you know it the PR is bigger or completely different than what was requested.

I like to keep things small so there is less drift and have an issue for each PR so clarifying questions are documented.

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Jennifer Davis

exactly! So before I even look at code, I want to have a conversation with the PR author even for just a few minutes to understand the plan. Often folks in the commit message will describe the code rather than the plan. It's easy to get caught in that trap if you just look at the description and then read the code. "Oh it's supposed to increment this value until condition. Yes, it does increment this value until this condition."