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geekypandey profile image Anurag Pandey ・2 min read

What is this site?

cf-tracker is a website for monitoring progress on in terms on which questions were solved in contests.
There are two types of questions to keep track on:

  • The ones that were solved during the contest.
  • The ones that were not solved during or after the contest[problems to upsolve later].

It also provides feature to filter contests based on division[div1, div2, div3, Educational Rounds], and is pretty damn quick about it.

cf-tracker website

How can one use it?

  • To upsolve problems.
  • To find contests that you haven't participated in before and practice on them.
  • Filter contests based on divisions for practice.

How is this site built?

  • The site is built entirely using Vue.js.
  • It uses codeforces api for fetching information.
  • The contests information is statically stored as a json file, for improving the speed.
  • To update the contests information there is python script written.
  • The site is hosted using Github Pages.

Can I look at the source code?

Sure, the site is completely open-source. You can find it here.

What features are coming next on it?

  • To keep the search and filter bar of the top steady if when you scroll down.
  • Refresh button to get latest data on problems solved by the user.
  • Proper error message for user, in case the codeforces website is down.
  • Improve the UI.
  • Pagination of problems.

Suggestions to improve the website are always welcome. If any issues found please raise it on the github repository.

Thank you! Enjoy the site!

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