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re: @briwa I'm not sure of what non-PHP solutions that there are. However, I would imagine that they are based on either Ruby on Rails or Node.js or s...

I know that and I'm not talking about the theme or the blog part. But as a site grows there are many times when the customer starts wishing other functionality. That's where adding an extra API can become beneficial in place of changing PHP.

You're talking about plugins. Again those are written mostly in PHP with a bit of javascript/HTML/CSS.


Well sorry to the op that the discussion has derailed. No i am not talking about plugins. These are indeed written in both HTML5 and PHP. Im talking about additional functionality in the form of new models in your system and customizations that need to happen in the backend. If you want to do it the wordpress way yes you would have to write it in php. You could however use javascript in the frontend of your wordpress to call a seperate api. I have done it in the case of a client who had a lot of different eshops and wanted to integrate them afterwards in a combined system. Instead of redoing everything I added calls to the frontend to my newly created global server and used the wordpress api to get the remaining data I needed. The new server was created with node and I completed the whole infrastructure pretty fast.
If I tried to do this with php I dont even know when or how I would do it.

Your first thought should be, "Is this relevant to the topic at hand?" The OP was only wondering if PHP was still being used. Not an explanation on how to avoid using PHP.

Just because you have an aversion to PHP doesn't mean you tell people to do it your way. There are multiple ways of doing things. There are WordPress sites that just use WordPress with a shopping plugin. No other code or servers and they maintain inventory via the plugin using the WordPress admin console.

You couldn't figure out in whatever time frame that you had to migrate everything to one server using only WordPress and plugin(s). You instead created a Node.js based server. Fine.

But nothing since your first reply is at all relevant to OP's "PHP... still popular nowadays" response. Think before you reply next time. Fin.

Well no reason to become so emotional. Of course it is my one way of doing things and of course this is my opinion. I thought very carefully before replying and getting angry because someone expressed a different opinion isnt very mature. Expressing our opinions is what we do here. You not understanding my point of view is another point alltogether and I could explain in detail if you asked like we had a discussion.

Just my personal opinion again(and advice), dont get emotional on supporting the technologies you work with. Learn everything possible and use it for what it is and what it can give you.

Best regards

Your reply is proof that you didn't think. Again, your story has nothing to do with the OP. I sure as hell didn't ask for your opinion on using PHP or not. The OP never asked for it either.

OP was ONLY concerned with PHP still being used. Just like my previous reply said.

And don't ever tell people to not get emotional and calling them "isnt very mature". You don't belong here. You went completely the wrong way to bring up your story/opinion.

I hope that you understand that you are being unreasonably aggressive. Nvm have a nice day

Hey folks!

Let's do our best to keep focus on the topic at hand. It's okay to disagree, but just avoid getting too personal with our comments. This conversation is straying away from development now, so let's please move on.

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