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Discussion on: My work setup, what's yours?

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George • Edited on

We are almost polar opposites when it comes to on desk stuff!

  • I have to have a spotless desk or I feel like I have no space to think.
  • I am a Linux user, I cant seem to end up fighting with other OS's
  • I don't understand social media.

Saying that:

  • I have to have a nice keyboard (currently using a novatouch)
  • Gum is also a must
  • Water is a lifesaver (and the same with coffee some days!)
  • I am also by a window, something about natural light makes any day better
  • We have the same mouse

I would like to get good at photography, but its on the list of things to master. Sadly that's a long list.

No picture for me, i'm out the house for the weekend.

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Ruben Author

Haha thanks for sharing!

Enjoy your weekend!