My first portfolio with React and AWS

Georgina Grey on July 29, 2018

Hi! So, I built my first portfolio and thought about documenting the process, but before jumping in, a disclaimer: I believe in choosing... [Read Full]
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Hey Georgina, your portfolio looks beautiful. I love the layout.

In the "Let's talk" section, you can try increasing the height of your input fields and the font-size of the text since there are no labels. A good rule is always to add labels though. It's great nevertheless.👍


You're right, small details I tend to miss sometimes. Thanks for bringing it up!


Hola! Qué bueno encontrar una tica por aquí! Me pasas los recursos que le mencionas a Chad de trabajo remoto (el email es mi usuario aquí + "cr" al final, at gmail)? Pequeño typo: "trabajando en bases de daños". Pura vida!


Hola! Claro voy a buscarlos. Jaja a pesar de haber leído eso mil veces no sé cómo se me escapó, gracias. Al rato fue un mensaje del subconsciente 😂 saludos!


On an unrelated note...I’d love to learn how you are monetizing your coding/development and living overseas. I’ve been considering it for some time, and I’m always interested in tapping someone’s brain on the subject. Any input is appreciated!


Hi Chad. I'm actually from Costa Rica. But I do remote work nevertheless, so it doesn't matter where I do it from.

There's many developers that are 'digital nomads'. I think a have a few resources I could share, in case you are not deep into that subject :)



Congratulations, nice to see people from my same country doing nice things!, it looks like you are going the right way and using the right tools (although I would have chosen Netlify).

Now that you are diving into front end development I would recommend you to take a look at css grid (

Any react question you have, you are more than welcome to ping me at GitHub or Twitter.

Pura vida!


Thank you! That looks cool, I will start gardening soon enough 😁🌱



Hey, Just checked your portfolio. It looks nice. But seems like there's some issues with alignments.


Thanks for the feedback Thidasa, turns out I moved some components around while testing something and that caused the issue. Is fixed now :)


Wonderful website however on lower resolution than 1080p the text on the second menu item bugs out on my second monitor.


Thank you! I'll check it out, thanks for the heads up.


Hey congratulation on your first portofolio. It looks beautifull.


Very cool. Thanks for sharing your knowledge and experience, especially the AWA bits!


Good work! 👏
One thing you may want to add is a IntersectionObserver polyfill if you plan to support non Chrome/Firefox browsers 😄


I knew I was forgetting something! Thanks for the reminder.


Nice post describing your work process! Just would like to point out the footer is displayed oddly on Chrome 67, OS X 10 --


You're right, I moved the footer outside it's original parent while testing something else, so it broke :P

Thank you. I'll be pushing the CDN Invalidation in a bit.


Looks nice 👍

However I'm on mobile(Chrome on an iPhone) and clicking on "experience" completely breaks the site to the point of having to refresh it.


Oh! That ain't good. I'll see if I can reproduce it, thanks a lot!


Great write up Georgina. If you are looking to expand on this to learn more AWS, check out my book or feel free to ping me with any questions.


Thank you Kyle, this is great, AWS can still get a bit overwhelming at times. I'll look into it.


Just one minor correction: it's TTL (time to live) rather than TLL.


It looks really good! Great job! As someone who's just getting into frontend development I think your portfolio does a lot of things right and it's provided me with some inspiration.


Thank you Peter! There's some edge cases I'll be working on, but I'm happy you can get inspired from it :)


Hey Georgina, your site is beautiful and creative. thanks for your sharing your work.


AWS is a beast and I want to learn as much as I can.

Seems like a good reason to me

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