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Discussion on: Ask the engineering manager: career development paths in tech companies from junior, through senior, to staff

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Gergely Orosz Ask Me Anything

I notice that it’s much tougher getting into the industry as someone who is self-taught, or with a bootcamp background than I’ve seen in the past. This might be as junior/entry level jobs have not grown, but especially since bootcamps became popular, people applying for them has skyrocketed, and will continue to do so. Bootcamps also make it sound like it’s easy to get into this industry, when it is not. And even after that first job, it’s really tough to stay in for the first few years.

I wish I had specific advice, but unfortunately, I don’t. Thr best I can offer is suggesting you network locally and try finding local mentors from similar background as yourself, who have succeeded and can give infinitely more applicable tips than myself.

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Kiron Roy

Thank you for your reply. I'll look into local networking. Of course, I still have to work on a major project. I just finished my main courses, so I wanted to switch gears into looking for a job (or how to look for a job).

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Kiron Roy