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How Can I Fix COX Webmail Not Working on iPhone Issue?

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COX is one of the largest mail service providers serving in more than 15 countries across the globe. It has some amazing features, which makes it one of the best ESP. COX email enables you to access emails on its server through a web-based client. COX email is convenient, easy to use, and is very helpful in providing a great platform to interact and perform business work. It provides you with reliability and security. However, there are times when iPhone users have to confront certain issues such as cox webmail down, etc. The COX webmail not working on the iPhone issue is quite persistent. However, this issue can be solved if the troubleshooting is done in a proper manner.
How to fix the issue
Here are some of the fixes mentioned below which can help you solve the cox webmail not working on iphone issue:

● Port Settings

Check the port settings because settings have a direct impact on the email sending and receiving. To check and change the port settings, open the Settings and then scroll down to passwords and accounts. Next, find the Cox email account and just hit the account option, and go to the advanced option.

● Internet Settings

Ensre that the internet connection is functioning properly. This is because Cox will not work if there are obstructions in the internet connection. Also, if you aren’t connected to the internet in a proper manner, an email will not work even then. So make sure to have a proper internet connection.

● Incorrect credentials
You must ensure that the login credentials you are using are correct. These login credentials include the username and password. So, if you are entering the wrong email or password, you won’t be able to use the email on your iPhone. Hence, check the login credentials.

● Incompatible browser
Ensure that the browser is perfect as browser compatibility matters a lot. People usually use the Safari browser while using the Cox email with iPhone, and it’s not the correct browser. That’s why it is suggested to use the Google Chrome browser.

So, these were some of the fixes trying which you can solve cox webmail not working on iphone issue. Hope you find them helpful.

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