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1-Hour Video Interview with Kyle Simpson - Help The Kickstarter! [You Don't Know JS Yet]

Join Kyle Simpson's You Don't Know JS Yet Kickstarter Campaign to help this great mentor succeed in his dream to bring a wealth of knowledge to all of us on our journey to become JS Masters.

There are 2 types of mentors that come to mind when I reflect on those who helped to mold and shape me into the excellent developer that I am today. I gained physical mentors that were in person with me and able to guide me on a daily basis.

I rarely discuss the other type of mentor that greatly influenced my life, the mentor who was in the shadows, thousands of miles away, and still made a profound impact on my career. Kyle Simpson was one of those “mentors from afar” as I call it.

On my quest to sharpen my skills, way back in 2013, I happened to attend an Angular conference where Kyle Simpson was one of the headliners.

That 3-day training was so impactful that his book series became the air I breathed while I sharpened my skills over the following 8 years.

To this day I can recite helpful content from memory for all of my students.

One of the great things about Kyle is that he always operates in the mindset of keeping students and learners first. He wants to continue publishing his essential JS content so all of us will be able to crush their career goals.

In addition to pledging your support on Kickstarter, you can also show your support and get a serious discount on the first 2 books in the You Don't Know JS Yet series and his essential yet practical Functional-Light JavaScript book via the following links:

You Don't Know JS Yet: Get Started

You Don't Know JS Yet: Scope & Closures

Functional-Light JavaScript

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