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Now GetFlutter in Multiple Language

getwidget profile image GetWidget ・1 min read

Hey, thank all for your support and valuable feedback to make GetFlutter one of the best open-source UI libraries for Flutter development.

As per your feedback and suggestion, we added multiple language support for our documentation. So now as per now we added the following Languages that might help you out.

Default/English: https://github.com/ionicfirebaseapp/getflutter
French: https://github.com/ionicfirebaseapp/getflutter-docs/tree/fr
Chinese: https://github.com/ionicfirebaseapp/getflutter-docs/tree/ch
Spanish: https://github.com/ionicfirebaseapp/getflutter-docs/tree/es
Portuguese: https://github.com/ionicfirebaseapp/getflutter-docs/tree/pt-br
Japanese: https://github.com/ionicfirebaseapp/getflutter-docs/tree/ja

Now we are welcome Everyone to contribute to translating this doc. And make more useable and easy to use for multiple languages.


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