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Harry Bailey
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Questions about Ruby?

Good Afternoon Everyone,

I'm an aspiring self-taught developer who would really love to learn ruby and rails. I'm on the fence about learning it because I keep hearing contradicting statementing about the language. I have a few questions, and any help, knowledge, or advice would be greatly appreciated.

  1. What are some resources to learn ruby & rails? most of the information I've found is old/outdated.
  2. Is the job market really as bad as people say for ruby devs?
  3. Is there a roadmap that I should follow when learning ruby & rails?
  4. Do I need to know JS before learning Rails?
  5. On average how long do you think it would take to go from beginner to proficient in this language?

Thank you again for any help.

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Code Beautify
  1. is all what you need to start with rails, then just google everything you want to build.
  2. first time hearing this
  3. Get an idea/project and start implementing it in rails instead of just reading books
  4. no
  5. Depends of your current knowledge, if you know other languages/frameworks, you can be proficient in no time.
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Kyle Boe
  1. The Odin Project - provides online community and walks you through all that you need to know for Ruby/Rails.

  2. No. Full time Ruby on Rails worker here. There are plenty of jobs.

  3. See suggestion 1

  4. No.

  5. That is a tough one to answer. Depends on your prior experience with other MVC frameworks.

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Ben Halpern

IMO job market is strong as any. There's less hype in Ruby land but plenty of companies running Ruby/Rails.

Ruby can definitely be your first language. And it's a great beginner language.

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Ian bradbury

The guides are a great introduction to ROR. There are plenty of video courses out there if you prefer some handholding. But the guides are the best place to start.

[2] I receive recruitment emails looking for ROR devs – ALL THE TIME

[3] Follow the guides. See q1. There are also seems like hundreds of books and online tutorials you can follow.

[4] Nope. And don't be put off by CoffeeScript.

[5] If you’re already proficient in another language and put together a nice project so that you experience a wide variety of topics – then maybe 6 months. But remember, no one hires “pure” ROR developers, people want breadth and deapth.

One thing not mentioned that I think is really important. ROR is enjoyable. It’s a really pleasant development framework.

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Launch School is a good place to start with Ruby. Their info pages should answer all of your questions.