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Gil Rudolf Härdi
Gil Rudolf Härdi

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Code your own vue

Code your own vue is a series of post that is going to show you how create your own vue for learning purposes, the implementation of functionalities try to be most simple as can be.

The ideas of this title are:

  • Get a better understanding of the main concepts of popular frameworks or libraries like vue, react, angular and so on.
  • Be a cool coder that has did your own vue... a simple one like a cheap toy, but is your own vue.

Consider that I can be wrong or vue possibly handle some concepts in other ways, you can use the comments section if you think I'm wrong.

What you need to know:

  • Javascript
  • DOM
  • Vue v2

I want to be concise, but also I will add some references links to documentation if I use something that someone who start learning javascript may don't know.



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Aus G


Sloan, the sloth mascot
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Nyasha Chiroro

Dude 🤣🤣 Read slowly and carefully

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Ivan Jeremic

Can you read? He clearly said for learning purposes.

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eshimischi • Edited

You will understand all the concepts of Vue (especially version 3) with framework itself or petite-vue, for instance.. no need to re-invent anything..

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Gil Rudolf Härdi • Edited

As I have said in this post, is for learning purposes on a didactic way, that's the reason why I want keep the code simple as I can, this isn't re-inventing.

A start guide like this can be helpful for someone who wants create his own framework and has no idea how to do it, but the vue documentation is enough for someone who wants code a webpage or webapp.

The doc of a framework usually is focused on his usage, not explaining all those concepts in a practical way, and just theory is not enough for many people.