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Ayoub Gharbi
Ayoub Gharbi

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Think, plan THEN code!

If you have a professional experience of a few years, you might think that you’ll be able to comfortably start a project from scratch, investing in your own skills to reach the desired results.

Maybe you’d think you’d even have no problems developping a project with new programming language counting on your sheer will and experience. Maybe you can but it won’t be easy. No matter how willing you are, nothing tops a good planning before initiating the developing phase of the project.

I know the feeling, when you jump straight to the programming phase because you can imagine the idea clearly in your mind, but it’s not too late that problems start to appear making it hard to tell what exactly should be the right step. So it is obviously better to have a good plan from the start.

Having a plan at the beginning does not mean that you need to think about the whole framework or scenario, but having a more or less clear idea at an early stage is a must. It allows you to predict the possible complications and makes you feel comfortable as you progress in the project.

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