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Finally learn a programming language beyond PHP, JavaScript and its dialects to a degree at which I feel really proficient at it.

This will however probably fail due to the lack of a motivating project for practicing.


Don't judge your path with fail until you try. You may end with your dream project and at the same time you learn a new programming language :)


I'll try, in fact, I'm already on it.
The predicated failure is more of an educated guess. I've learnt multiple languages but have never done more than a small project with them and, over time, forgot how they work.

But thanks for the motivational call. 😉


I'm currently learning some native Android development, while comparing/contrasting that to my React Native experience. It's been really fun so far! (I started about 3 weeks ago.)

My goals for 2018 are to:

  • Write more. See some of the things I've written so far: medium.com/@aarohmankad

  • Speak at a conference. I'd absolutely love to give a talk on one of my passions this year, and I'm actively applying to conferences that have open "Call for talk Proposals"

  • Start a podcast called Open Source Party. I'd love to pick an open-source project every week or two and contribute to it, talk about my experience, and maybe even interview the owner/maintainers!


I will become better at Data Structures & Algorithms, working in a big company would be awesome for me (because I would get to meet incredibly talented people).

I will try to write an article on something at least once per month.

Also, I would like to finish at least one project, currently my GitHub looks like a graveyard of ideas hahaha.


I'm hoping to pick up a couple more programming languages this year, since it's been a while since I learned a new one—Go and Rust are at the top of my list right now, but that might change, who knows! I'm also interested in trying out some hardware stuff this year, though I'm still trying to decide on a good starter project that'll still be something that I actually want to do. Professionally, it also seems like a good idea to learn Laravel and/or Drupal, so I have those on my list, too.


I have 2:

  1. Learn Haskell and Go. I got a book on Haskell today and really want to learn how to use monads and applicatives, and then goroutines

  2. Use my pet OSS project in production and also promote it for others. It's a GraphQL client written in kotlin and uses delegated properties and DSL builders to query/mutate rather than traditional java builder-style like most libraries. I've been working on it for 6 months now and the only major feature missing is nullable types! Check it out: kotlinq.org


I have this list for start - but I may tweak it later.

1 - Implement a Beanstalkd server in Go
2 - Implement a MongoDB driver in Go
3 - Implement a resource Pool in Go
4 - Continue writing my book about Computer Networking in Go
5 - Write at least 10 articles for sweetcode.io/
6 - Write at least 20 articles referencing my book about Computer Networking in Go.
7 - Try to finish some Courses in Cloud Computing and from MongoDB University.
8 - Start writing more Scala code.
9 - Revisit my repos and update the ones I need to update.
10 - Write more applications in Mesos Framework.
11 - Contribute to some Open source projects I like.


A big list but doable with dedication and hard work, good luck!


For what particular reason do you use Mesos? Great list btw!


I find Mesos a better abstraction for developing Distributed Applications. I would like to develop some frameworks in Go and integrate some existing libraries there.


To finally figure out what I should be learning. After years of professional development and study, every other article I read is still "X is dead. The future is Y." How can I be hip when all I have to talk about are solid coding principles and the importance of proper test coverage?


What you have is the basics to learn any language you want. The evolution or the diversity of programming languages give you more motivation than ever because at this point you have a lot to learn and you have a lot to give to this big community :)


My goals are: learning a Desktop programming, multiplattform language (propably Java and Kotlin)
Also I need to revive and refactor my graduation Project. A website for sending an URL instead of an application Letter... Might be doing this Open source, didn't decided yet


Where to start? oh yes, SBTCVM.

Short explanation: SBTCVM is a Balanced ternary Virtual Machine written in python. It works on a 3-state logic: Negative, Ground, & Positive

For roughly a year now Ive been telling myself that "I'll fix all the quirks in the current codebase's design eventually" Well, one goal for 2018 is to do just that with a modular codebase.

SBTCVM has been a learning experience in 2017, and in 2018 its still going to be a learning experience.

as far as I know, noone else has written such a thing like SBTCVM since the 70s, and the only proper computers to use the paradigm were built over 50 years ago... so i have my work cut out for me for 2018.

Aside from SBTCVM, I'm also working on a point and click adventure game engine, and i hope to actually finish writing some of the several computer games that have been collecting dust in my IDE...


Very cool man, tell me more about the adventure game engine, I might be interested to help :)


well the engine is called Desutezeoid. The basic design premise is each screen is a "page" and each page is an XML file.

those XML files have 3 main sections: pageconf, fork, and core.
pageconf is what you might guess, the page configuration. fork is where special logic operation tags go. and core is where the actual screen objects are.

The logic works on a system of keywords called keyids. They are either present in the keylist (1) or not (0).

it also has a plugin system for adding additional fork and core tag types...

The engine itself is written in python and uses pygame. you can find the engine along with test code here: github.com/ThomasTheSpaceFox/Desut...


I don't think my 2017 was very useful, I can't learn deep-learning and mathematics that I thought in early 2017. I want to make sure my 2018 goals.

My 2018 goals are to:

  1. review and posting 20 over deep-learning papers and techs
  2. get high score in Calculus and geometry and vectors in high school
  3. learn linear-algebra
  4. do one day one commit
  5. announcement in pyconKR 2018
  6. do well in C++, Python, and tensorflow
  7. do big project

I plan to

  • learn some Unreal Engine and Blender
  • dive into bare metal development, e.g. write an OS for my Arduino
  • mentor a few people in C++ and/or clean code (Twitter DMs are open, or contact me any way you like)

Improve in my front end skills, I lack more than my back end skills. I am going to start study category theory and basics of type theory, maybe with Idris. If I have time, start with Rust but first frontend skills and keep improving in Elixir.


If you see what you are good at and especially what you are bad at you can improve easily, good luck!


I like reading through all of these replies. Nice goal lists :)

In 2018 I'm hoping to:

  • Help keep my local dev community groups going while reviving a couple that fizzled
  • Help the jr and mid level devs at my job push to their next level
  • Continue learning more about electronics and bridging my dev knowledge into that world
  • Generalize and open source a content editor I wrote for an internal project in 2017 (though that one depends on if my company will allow it)

Academically I want to continue to earn a 4.0 in my CS courses.
Personally I'd like to finally ship an application or host something in production.
Professionally I am beyond excited to intern at Microsoft and can't wait to meet awesome developers and work on incredible projects.


So good! Thank you for sharing your goals, keep me updated ^

  1. Get a job. That will drive the primary direction I head in on new learning.

  2. Learn more about Angular and React and using them in the Microsoft .Net MVC stack that I'm already comfortable with using.

  3. Get a Raspberry Pi and start learning more about IoT programming.


These goals are very specific (yet), but:

I want to get more active on this site, writing more articles and commenting.

I also want to look for more open source projects and start contributing, seeing what I can do and stretching my coding muscles beyond what's familiar.

  • Finish Wes Bos' React for Beginners, and build something cool using React

  • Learn deep learning properly (probably the re-release of fast.ai) and build something cool

  • Build something (preferably cool) that makes money outside my day job


So many goals but I’ll just name a few that I can remember.

  1. Become proficient in python/Android
  2. Get an AWS cert
  3. Contribute to open source projects (a lot) more
  4. Finish at least 15 functioning projects
  5. Write more technical pieces

For me, I will try to learn Opengl through LWJGL3 Library.
I have been developing for almost 3 years and I didn't have the chance to go deep in opengl world!

Also I will try to be an active blogger, post useful things that people can learn from.

I will try as well to make programming tutorials for two reasons : first, I love programming in my spare time. Second I love being a source of help for many people who need it.

Have a great year everybody and happy coding!

(PS: you can check my website blog if you want :) ayoub-gharbi.org/blog)


I will continue learning the basics of Android in order to continue with the advanced topics. I want to learn HTML and CSS (yes, I know almost NOTHING of CSS). And finally, I want to switch from Node to Go as my backend language, so I pretend to become a Gopher ;)


Goals for 2018:

  1. Contribute more and more projects to the OSS community.
  2. Get deep in JS & React.

Apart from continuing to improve my frontend skills, I want to learn some other languages.

Rust is something i am following since the first day it was announced by Mozilla.
It's now time to go little bit more further with it, since now it can be used on the web too.
Flutter is also a framework I want to explore more.
Seems to be a very performante alternative to React Native.


Get better at design patterns and Software architecture. Acquire abstraction techniques and begin having side projects.


Build a REST API, design and fill a noSQL document database, then tie the two together 🤘🏻


My goal will be to improve my self in android development
Start learning kotlin and React Native. :)


Learn machine learning / deep learning, apply it to a real world problem and deploy the solution as a product. Ofcourse using Python.


I'm currently a Laravel Dev. I plan to do MERN projects in production by June of 2018. Started with a Node course of Andrew Mead in Udemy. I hope I get there soon.


Launch my game to finance my open source pdf manipulation project. Extra credit for getting to work on said OS project. 😬


Right off the top of my head - learn more & understand more about bash. Extremely useful tool for a wide range of situations.


I agree, good luck on that and keep it up!


Good :) starting your thoughts with "Learn" is always good (y)


I have planned to learn Data Structure and React js.


Nice, happy that you planned your way of learning in 2018 :)

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