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Git problem folder doesnt push and commit

ghazaleh271 profile image Gsitio ・1 min read

hey everybody I have a Question would you plz help me?I add commit and push my changes but the problem is that one of folders doesnt commit and push like others .do you know why? I used git add . and git add -A both of them .but it doesnt work.thank you.


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pradeepradyumna profile image
Pradeep Pradyumna

It may happen if the name of the folder you're trying to push might be listed out in the gitignore file, due to which it gets ignored all the time when you're trying to either add/ push.

I use softwares like SourceTree and GithubDesktop for ease, then running commands directly.

moopet profile image
Ben Sinclair

First idea - is the folder empty? Git doesn't store empty directories.

naman03malhotra profile image
Naman Malhotra

Check if the folder name is added it .gitignore file?