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Hello, Programming!

A kid with a pure science and humanities background, currently fully immersed in the world of wires and everything else that comes with majoring in Electrical Engineering, what is she doing here, you ask? Well I got struck by some magic! And I am here to tell you about it!

It's definitely not the kind of magic we ae used to seeing in Disney movies but I promise you it's real and even more fun. JaduJobs- which literally translates to MagicJobs has become the foundation stone for my career in tech. But what really is JaduJobs and what does it offer?

It is a rigorous five month long fellowship which helps enhance your technical and soft skills to kickstart one's career in technology and build long lasting friendships, all while being remote!

With only a few weeks into it I have already gotten exposed to the basics of programming and various mentors serving as industry leads during the soft skill sessions. Not to lie, the world of programming with all its terminologies and technologies does seem daunting to me right now, but that has not hindered my excitement to learn new and captivating skills. So follow me as I delve into the vast and super fun world of programming. As programmers say, Hello World! I'd take the opportunity to say Hello, Programming!
Please be nice to me :)

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