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George Ikwegbu Chinedu
George Ikwegbu Chinedu

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How To Add env files To Quasar Easily

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So, Today, I will talk about the easy steps to add and use environment variables to Quasar applications.
As usual, my post is written as Learn new things, so it won't be pretty and formatted. So I will explain with a screen shot, and Line-Numbers...Let's GOOOOO!!.

Table Of Contents

Installing dotenv Package

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Firstly: On your terminal, 'npm install dotenv' to install the package in your root 
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Creating a .env File

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Secondly: At the root directory of your project, create a .env file, then there you 
specify your key-value pairs of what you wish to hide when uploading your project on a 
version control system (Github etc...). Also, remember to add .env in your .gitignore 
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Creating an envParser.js File

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Thirdly: Create a file called envParser.js at the root directory too. This file will be 
used to call and configure you quasar.config.js file to see our own env file and inputs, 
then add it to the process.env . Type all you see there, as we require or installed 
package 'dotenv', the export the module.
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Configuring your quasar.config.js File

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Fourthly: In your quasar.config.js file, at the beginning part, add the above lines of 
code.. Sorry, i duplicated the last requiring of the envParser..not necessary .
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Alt Text

Also, at the Build section of the quasar.config.js, include env: envParser(), to Inject 
our own env file we created.
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OK... That's a Wrap, just write '', on any of your vue files to see what we have done...
Also, Remember to restart your server when you make changes to the .env file so the system catches it.

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Navicstein Rotciv

Nice one dude, very detailed to grab for a beginner, what code font is that?

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George Ikwegbu Chinedu

Lucida Calligraphy-Font Family

Thanks manny, I really appreciate you introducing me to this beautiful way of life @quasar :)